The ever-changing student experience

Chris Connor


A vast number of third years studying at both Falmouth and Exeter University will agree when I say that the student experience studying in Falmouth and Penryn has altered massively since we began studying here.

Illustration: Victoria Sandøy

The main reason behind this is the increasing student population; the sheer intake of students has put a huge strain on campus facilities and Falmouth and this is having an effect on the student experience.

Nights out have become more congested. To see the effects of university expansion on student experience, look no further than the lengths of the queues for Spoons and Club I on a Thursday night. The closure of Mangos and Watermans certainly haven’t helped matters.

Accommodation is likewise changing. We have all heard the horror stories about the changes to accommodation for new students, with single rooms on campus being converted to double rooms, rumours of the Jehovah Witness Centre being bought up for accommodation and the new allocation of student accommodation in Truro.

Then there’s the prospect of buying lunch on campus. This year, it is near impossible to get a Stannary lunch or a coffee in Koofi, without experiencing some sort of queue. There will also undoubtedly be a negative affect on Stannary events, with tickets being harder to get hold of and queues becoming more of a nuisance. The notorious queues at the Space party of 2016 will perhaps become a more recurrent event.

Yet, the biggest change is the over-crowded library. Although this has been a prominent issue for the last two years, frustration amongst students is continuing to rise. Despite the additions to the library, the problem continues to persist.

Nevertheless, I, like many third years, have had a great time studying in Cornwall.  I am just amazed by how swiftly changes have occurred and will likely continue to do so.