What to do over the Easter break

Sarah Redman offers up some suggestions for what to do when you’re without ideas over the Easter holidays.

Breaking up for the Easter holidays, especially when you’re coming down from deadlines, and potentially facing even more, can be difficult for students. This is particularly the case for those who are stuck for ideas when it comes to what to do over the coming month. So, to prevent this, here are a few ideas for what students like us can occupy ourselves with over the Easter holidays, apart from consuming mountains of chocolate, of course!

1. Go travelling: you won’t have an Easter holiday for much longer! Why not pack your bags and go and visit friends across the country, or if you’re lucky, across the world?
2. Kick-start your career: find some work experience in your field and find out exactly what the world of work will be like.
3. Develop your CV: Why not use this time to get ahead of the game? Head over to the FXU website and fill out your volunteering profile and log any hours you may have done – did you know that working as a committee member for a sports club or society counts as volunteering? Exeter students, you could always head over to the career zone website and start working towards the Exeter Award or, if you’ve already done it, the Leader’s Award and improve your employability!
4. Practice some recipes to get you through exam season: you could always use this time to practice your cooking and stock up your freezer with tupperwares full of quick, simple and healthy meals to get you through exam and deadline season. Nothing is better than a home cooked meal when you get home late from the library!
5. Catch up with your favourite TV shows: to help you resist the urge to binge Netflix, why not catch up on all those programmes you’ve been wanting to watch? I hear the new season of Grace and Frankie is out!
6. Revise/catch up with university work: you could always save some time further down the road and catch-up with your uni work or start that all important revision process.
7. Enjoy Falmouth and Cornwall without studying: if you’re still in Falmouth, you could always go exploring and find out more about the town. You could walk up to Pendennis Point, go for a boat ride to St Mawes or try out one of the many cafés or restaurants in Falmouth.