The F Word: A gig for all

Lydia Allegretto & Sarah Redman

Friday saw the much-anticipated event, The F Word, which was put on by a team made up entirely of people who identify as female.

Mackinlay Ingham and Maja Ditrtova were the driving force leading the gig that featured female artists such as Olive Haigh, Annie EEL (+ Staz) and DJ Rose Iredale. Following the event, the managers described it as an “amazing experience” and that this is only the first of a series of F Word events.

The F Word was put on at Woodlane Social Club and for just £8 (£10 on the door) the audience could embrace a wonderful atmosphere and female empowerment. The event featured interviews with members of the team from a wide range of areas of expertise from sound and lighting technicians to graphic designers to journalists. The aim was to show how, despite 60% of the music industry being dominated by males, women are capable of carrying out the same tasks and to encourage females to pursue a career in their preferred field, regardless of stigma or bias against their gender.

Headliners, Stealing Sheep, came down from Liverpool for the one-off event. The band said the event was “a brilliant thing as there are a lot of blokes in the job and it’s not often you get a whole team of women”. They went on to comment on how empowering it was to have mostly women in the audience as their audiences at gigs are typically male-dominated. They also encouraged young female musicians to join the industry and not feel intimidated despite often having to prove yourself more than a man would.

The night ended on a high with Stealing Sheep taking a polaroid to remember the occasion. When asked about the tradition, Emily revealed that she received the camera for her birthday and at their first gig where they took a polaroid, the audience stripped off and started dancing. The girls called for more naked audiences following the event.