Mary’s Meals, Pedalling for Pounds

Louisa Pennell

From the 22nd to the 28th February, the Mary’s Meals Society at the Penryn Campus cycled a grand total of 840 miles to raise awareness of the Mary’s Meals charity. The aim of this fundraising idea was to cycle the distance it takes to cycle around Malawi, the first country where the Mary’s Meals charity began its work on feeding the poorest school children across the world for the minimal cost of £13.90 per child, per year. An amazing figure of over £600 was raised from the ‘Pedalling for Pounds’ event, which was a break-through in the society’s fundraising attempts since its beginnings on the Penryn Campus in September 2016. There is a follow up Coffee Morning which the society has organised on Thursday 9th March from 9.30am until 12am in DDM Seminar J at the Penryn Campus, where you can find out more about what the Mary’s Meals at FXU does and how to get involved.


Mary’s Meals has been an active charity since the early 2000’s, and was conceived by Magnus Macfarlane-Barrow in Scotland. The premise of the charity is simple, which is what makes it so effective: they supply one meal a day to children if they attend school each day, so that the children can have enough energy to get through the school-day. The amazing thing about this programme is that it is extraordinarily cheap to do, as it only takes £13.90 a year to give a school-child a meal a day for a year. This charity has been going for the last fifteen years, and has now helped to feed over a million children in the poorest parts of the world, and has expanded from its initial target country of Malawi to 12 different countries around the world, which also recently includes Syria. If there has been this much progress in such a short time-period, just imagine how much of an impact Mary’s Meals could have in one, five and even twenty years from now. So, come to the Mary’s Meals at FXU’s Coffee Morning on the 9th March, and find out you can make a difference to the world through supporting the Mary’s Meals at the FXU society.