It’s your Last Chance to Vote in the FXU Elections!

This year’s FXU Elections are almost over, but there’s still one day left to cast your vote to decide who will be our Student Representatives next year. The candidates are still campaigning in the Compass, so be sure to have a chat with them or look online at their manifestos (available on the FXU Website), so you can vote on who you think will be the best candidates for improving our Universities in 2017.

The four FXU President roles currently being contested are: FXU President Falmouth, FXU President Exeter, FXU President Student Experience and FXU President Community & Welfare.

Any student attending either Falmouth University or University of Exeter (Cornwall Campuses) can vote in the election. Remember, every vote counts!


The Candidates running for President of Community and Welfare are:

·         Bella Frimpong

·         Emma Robinson

·         Harry Bishop

·         Lucy Allen

·         Nic Hamon

·         PJ Croad

·         Samuel Constable



The Candidates running for President of Student Experience:

·         Carol Ann Pippin

·         Cassidy Hoare

·         Esther Egan

·         Jamal Clarke

·         Sarah Redman


The Candidates running for Exeter President are:

·         Dean Pomeroy

·         Eleanor Phipps


The Candidates running for Falmouth President are:

·         Christopher Slesser

·         Kia-Vanna Harrison

·         Laura Bailey



How to Vote:

·         Go on the FXU Website:

·         Log in with your University Log in

·         Click on the Student Voice tab, then on the Elections option from the drop down menu

·         Here you can vote for 3 Student Representatives (you can only vote for either the FXU President for Falmouth or Exeter depending on which University you attend)

·         You can choose from any of the candidates, and order your preference from the remaining candidates (so you can vote for who your second favourite candidate would be, and so on.

·         Free milkshakes are being offered at the Compass for everyone who votes!



Voting is open now until noon on February 24th (Tomorrow) so make sure you vote soon! The results of the election will be announced at 7pm, on Friday 24th February at the Fox Cafe, on the Falmouth Campus, which will be followed by an after party.

Happy Voting!