CSM Netball raises over £200 for Cancer Research

By Hannah Davies

photo: Hannah Partington
photo: Hannah Partington

On Saturday 28th January, CSM Netball held a mixed netball tournament to raise money for cancer research. It was a great turnout with 11 teams entering the tournament. Money raised from team entry fees, a raffle and a cake sale saw CSM Netball raise over £200 for Cancer Research, which is the chosen charity of England Netball.

A total of 28 matches were played throughout Saturday afternoon. The 11 teams that entered the tournament were: Always on top, Cornish Pixies, Melville Mix, Medics, LAX LAX LAX, Athletics, Rays, Marlborough Mansion, The Team That Needs No Introduction, Total Chaos and Winners.

The teams were split into two groups, A and B. The winners and runners up from Group A would play the winners and runner ups from Group B in the Semi-Finals. In Group B were Marlborough Mansion, LAX LAX LAX, Melville Mix, Rays and Athletics and in Group A were Winners, Total Chaos, Cornish Pixies, The Team That Needs No Introduction, Always On Top and Medics.

The results of the Group matches:

Netball Group

The first match in the semi-finals saw Medics go up against Melville Mix. It was a very close game, which went to sudden death after the two teams had drawn in normal time. Despite a tough defensive line from Melville Mix, Medics managed to move the ball swiftly up the court and score to win the match.

The second semi-final match saw Rays go up against The Team That Needs No Introduction. This was a very tense game as both teams were fighting hard for a chance to play in the finals. However, the shooting skills of The Team That Needs No Introduction were no match for Rays as they went on to win the match.

The finals saw The Team That Needs No Introduction (captained by Jessica Cammack), who were yet to be beaten, go up against Medics (captained by Nurhan Abbud). Medics fought hard with Ian Mak and Ross Moore, most notably, going in for every ball and every interception they could with everything they had. However, towards the end of the match Medics appeared to be lacking in energy, whereas The Team That Needs No Introduction were on fire with great partnership on court between the whole team, particularly shooters Arthur Holt and Matt A-H, who scored goals that seemed impossible. The Team That Needs No Introduction won the Semi-Finals 9-1 and were presented with a big bottle of Prosecco.
The winning team are pictured below:

photo: Hayley Curtis From left to right: Ellie Mears, Hannah Davies, Fern Khaoroptham, Matt A-H, George Perry, Hannah Partington, Rachel Platt, Arthur Holt, Carlos Cunha and Captain Jessica Cammack In the front holding the ball is the team’s mini cheerleader Elodie
photo: Hayley Curtis
From left to right: Ellie Mears, Hannah Davies, Fern Khaoroptham, Matt A-H, George Perry, Hannah Partington, Rachel Platt, Arthur Holt, Carlos Cunha and Captain Jessica Cammack
In the front holding the ball is the team’s mini cheerleader Elodie.

There were many highlights from the tournament but I picked a few that stood out:

Chris Aoun and Jamal Clarke’s team work on court for their team ‘Athletics’ provided entertainment for all that spectated as they took huge aerial leaps in a bid to keep the ball in play and pulled off crazy passes.

James Day’s defensive work for Cornish Pixies was outstanding as he intercepted numerous goal shots.

Sophie Thorpe’s shooting for LAX LAX LAX was on point and rivalled that of some of CSM Netball’s shooters with most of her shots going straight in.

Olly Smith using his height to full advantage on court for Melville Mix and a particular match up in one game saw a David vs Goliath situation, which was entertaining to watch.

Finally, there was Rays who combined netball and basketball skills to create a unique style of play which saw them finish second in their group and play in the semi-finals.

Special Congratulations to the Cornish Pixies’ Jordan Sheers who won ‘Man of the Tournament’! He commented: ‘It was a very competitive day and everyone had a laugh. The tournament raised money for a great charity and the cake sale was epic. Seeing as the boys don’t play netball, their skills were surprisingly good. The organisers were really well prepared and I hope to do it again next year.

Captain of ‘The Team That Needs No Introduction’, Jessica Cammack said: ‘Everyone went in with an amazing level of enthusiasm even those that had never played before, we always stayed positive but never let our guard down even when we knew we were through to the semis. Considering most of the team had only met that day we jelled extremely well, everyone had different things to contribute to make our game strong. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did, winning the tournament was just an added extra!

One of the star shooters, Arthur Holt from The Team That Needs No Introduction commented: ‘Having never really played netball before but having years of playing basketball it was a bit difficult to adjust at first, but with Coaches Hannah and Jess giving constant feedback on the side-lines I began to get the hang of it, and by the end of the tournament I didn’t want to stop playing, already looking forward to defending our championship title next year!

Charlie Burton who played for LAX LAX LAX (Lacrosse team) had this to say of the team’s experience in the tournament. ‘It’s the first non-Lacrosse tournament we’ve entered as a team and we really enjoyed it! Unfortunately, we didn’t do as well as we would’ve liked, but it was great to start a new sport and get involved with charity – we’ll definitely be signing up for more!

Whilst Chris Aoun who played for Athletics had this to say of his experience: ‘As a basketball player I entered this tournament with the mind-set that netball is going to be so terrible cause you can’t dribble, no backboard, the one metre rule and all that stuff. But when you get into it and actually play its loads of fun! Having all the different sports teams involved made it much more competitive. I definitely think that we should do more of these inter-club competitions at uni. Overall, it was great to learn the sport and I can certainly say that the small hoop and no backboard helped to improve my shooting for basketball!

Ellie Pemberton, President of CSM Netball said: ‘The tournament was a huge success. It was amazing to see so many new faces and raise money for a great cause! We’ve had a great start to the term, with wins for the first and second teams. Bring on Bottle Match!

CSM Netball are having a superb term having recently been ranked the highest-performing sports club at the student’s union, raising money for charity and both of their teams are currently on winning streaks!

So keep posted for more updates on this fab club.