Exeter staff raise money for students

Sarah Redman

The University of Exeter has launched a new initiative to raise money for student bursaries.

Staff of the university are pledging money to support incoming students and all the money raised will be matched by university funds.

UoE bursary image of Lucy Palmer - Anning Morgan

The scheme consists of two separate funds as the aim of the project is for enough money to be raised to support two local students, one from Cornwall and one from Devon. The target is for £4,500 to be pledged by the end of February 2017 for each fund to provide at least one student in each county with a full three-year bursary.

The bursary will help a Cornish and a Devon student with the costs of university outside of maintenance and tuition fees such as equipment and field trips.

Just three days into the fund going live, 32% of the target was reached for the Cornwall Staff Giving Fund whilst, 28% of the target was reached for the Devon Staff Giving Fund.

Such schemes can be life-changing. Lucy Palmer, a current Masters student at Exeter, says “Growing up in Cornwall I never imagined I would have the opportunity to attend a prestigious University like Exeter and in reality I would not have been able to do so without the bursary that I receive.”

One donor, Cat Large, Prospects Research Manager (Principal Gifts), said of the scheme “Great idea. May the funds roll in to support those who would not be able to attend University without these efforts. Lovely to be [able to] contribute in some small part”.

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