Falmouth Food Critic: The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse: Does Falmouth’s highest-rated restaurant live up to the 5-month waiting list?

Yes; yes it does. If you can find it or even book a table that is:

I first came to The Wheelhouse to celebrate my November anniversary…in January. We called to book a table and were told they didn’t have any availability for two people for another two months and were shocked. The second time, prepared this time, I booked my birthday meal for six, five months in advance to ensure we could sit that many people in such an intimate setting. Now, this all sounds incredibly tedious and forward-thinking, and I can hear you internally groaning at the effort I am suggesting you should go to. However, even I, the serial-phone-conversation-consternater, feel like it is worth it. So worth it in fact. Because the food is incredible.

The impossible-to-find alleyway

It is well-priced, well-portioned and well-presented. For the best meal I have had in Falmouth (and some of the best chips I have had in my life), including drinks, complementary port, two mains (including mussels and scallops), and a side the total came to approximately £30 including tip. While I know this does not even closely rival the M&S meal deal for two, if you are looking for an amazing (and consequently exclusive) dinner in Falmouth this is the special occasion restaurant you are looking for. And while £30 sounds scary, as it is the equivalent of a lavish weekly shop, it could also be comparable to a drunken dominoes delivery. And believe me, it is so much better than that. You won’t get pizza dust everywhere and instead can savour the biggest and juiciest mussels I have ever seen.

The service is also unrivalled. The server greets you in the atmospheric, intimate setting (after you have searched for about three hours for the one lane that leads to the discreet front door) making sure you are settled and have picked the perfect meal and accompanying drinks. They discuss the daily menu in detail and advise favourites and options with you extensively.

They are friendly, attentive and polite. There are also little quirks which make the place even better, including the bibs and customary wearing-of-an-embarrassing-hat as the whole restaurant sings you happy birthday with your name rather than an awkward mumble after “Happy Birthday to….”. The place is endearingly cramped and only features approximately five tables but it is wonderful, and not only because of the food.

Therefore, while Tripadvisor is often wrong and filled with pretentious or overly-eager reviews for meals which cost £3 – clearly because the food is terrible – in this case it is 100% right. The Wheelhouse is perfect for a special occasion but only if you are willing to book in advance.