New Year: Be Positive About 2017

Molly Griffiths encourages readers to take a new perspective on New Year’s resolutions.

Photo by Sally Mahoney (Flikr)
Photo by Sally Mahoney

Ask anyone you meet and you will find that the general opinion concerning the year 2016 as a whole is rather pejorative. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to influence your opinion or view of the year ahead. Whilst you may have already made your New Year’s resolutions (and maybe even already broken them), add this to the list: make the most of 2017, and of what you can accomplish this year.

New Year doesn’t have to mean focussing on making the world around you a better place, or even changing yourself and the way you feel or see the world, it can mean making tiny decisions or resolutions throughout the year, taking it slowly, just a bit at a time so these small decisions can grow into big things. You’ll manage to make 2017 a much better year than 2016.

2017 may mean a new start for some, but remember not to concentrate too hard on the negative aspects of the coming year, like exams or going back to work. Stay positive: work might prove a good motivator!

The beginning of a new year always manages, in my opinion, to somehow make us realise the bad things about ourselves. You might be tempted to change a lot – from the way you eat to the way you dress, but just because the New Year represents a new beginning in a figurative sense, doesn’t mean it has to be taken literally. Don’t change yourself or your ways because you feel, in some part of you, that it will make the year better. Do it for you, and because you’ll feel happier for it way beyond 2017.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy what the New Year brings. Try to come to terms with the lost celebrities and leave the political turmoil behind – it’s so last year, after all!