Cornwall – An unexpected tech capital

Alex Hughes looks at Cornwall’s climb to become a tech hub

A lot of the time Cornwall really does feel like the middle of nowhere, miles from the big cities and civilisation. This makes its position as one of the fastest growing technology sectors in the country quite surprising.

Back in 2010 a project began in Cornwall to introduce fibre optic internet to the remote county, by 2015 the project had covered 95% of Cornwall. This super-fast fibre optic internet combined with a growing software industry has turned Cornwall into an unexpected tech hub.

Cornwall is one of many regions demonstrating a trend in new technology companies and start-ups where they are skipping the high costs of London and other big cities for the cheaper and calmer regions like Cornwall. All these companies need is an internet connection and an office to work so why not move out of the high prices of London to do it?

The county’s new found identity as a tech capital has led to a new project in which a number of villages near Saltash and in South East Cornwall are set to get superfast broadband as part of a £7.6m investment unveiled by BT. The firm announced that as part of this project superfast broadband would be introduced in over 1,450 houses.

Last year Cornwall was ranked as the second fastest growing technology cluster in the country. This was achieved through a combination of EU funding and the regions new found super internet. Now in 2017 there are technology companies scattered all across the region, some bigger organisations like Software Cornwall and Focus Technology leading the way for the rest of them.

The technology groups are coming together more now than ever with yearly big events like Agile on the Beach with guest speakers and conference’s promoting the county’s ever building technology industry.

With the technology sector slowly taking over Cornwall it looks like it will continue to become more and more of a hub for tech companies and in the future it is likely to develop even further with more companies relocating to Cornwall and the county becoming the unexpected tech hub away from London.