Apps to get you organised in the New Year

Alex Hughes suggests 7 Apps to help you get more organised in the New Year.

Here we are at the end of 2016, the New Year only a few days away and that means it’s time for 2017 resolutions.

As you return to university in the new year with a new dedication to work out, eat better and get on top of your work load why not try using a couple of apps to help you actually stick to these goals? Maybe you’ll make it past January this year.


I have picked out some apps that can be used to help you get into that start of the year push for organisation:

RefMe – Bibliographies are one of those tedious things you know you’ll have to do when it comes around to essays. We all jump to RefMe to save us in this situation but why not have it already saved on your laptop? Download the plugin on either the Apple or Microsoft store and it will make your life so much easier when you reach the end of your essay.

Wunderlist – If you are as forgetful as me then Wunderlist is a must. It is a notes and reminder app which is both simple and incredibly effective while looking a lot nicer than any in built app. Couple this app with your phones built in calendar app for ultimate organisation.

Pocket – Pocket is an app that saves pages to your phone to re-read later. You can save anything from news articles to pictures to full PDFs. Perfect for the student in the middle of deadlines with 20 tabs open at any time just to remember references. The best part of the app is that because it saves everything you can look at anything you’ve saved with no data or signal.

University app – The University apps are an absolute must for any student. They provide timetables, quick email access and bus times amongst a number of other key bits of information. If you haven’t already downloaded the app then you should definitely have it by the time you get back.

Evernote – Praised as the best notes app every made, Evernote is a must for any student. The app goes way beyond just being a notes app and can also clip web pages, scan anything and search your own handwriting. With so many features jammed in, Evernote ends up being 20 apps in one.

Timeful (ios) Loop – Habit tracker (Android) – There have been so many times where I have told myself I will have a ‘productive day’ and then watched Netflix for 4 hours straight and for this reason I downloaded a habit tracker. It helps stop you procrastinating and pushes you to spend your time better. You will probably still binge-watch shows but you might actually do some work on the side of that.

Smart receipts – Spent all of your finances on Dominos and expensive craft beer? Ate pasta for the past week to save money? Asked for money from your parents for rent? If this is you then please get a money tracking app, Smart receipts is a great one that can be found on both IOS and Android.