I’ll Remember This Fifth Of November

Rhianna Lund reminisces Guy Fawkes Night at Falmouth

Photo by Jorgen Kesseler
Photo by Jorgen Kesseler

Having never been to Falmouth Cricket Club before, I spent a good fifteen minutes checking the route and planning the best way there, but I needn’t have bothered. As soon as I saw the packed bus come around the corner, I knew I was going to have a steady stream of people to follow. As everyone flooded off the bus at Dracaena Cross Roads, other people joined the stream from all directions while small bursts of fireworks erupted around us. I had been expecting mostly students, but it became quickly clear that this was a night enjoyed by all ages, from the kids on their parents’ shoulders, to students, to the elderly.

Upon reaching the grounds and being let in, I was surprised yet again by the sheer number of people attending, it seemed as though most of the university and residents of Penryn and Falmouth had turned up for the display. I made my way up to the top of the grass bank, surrounded all the way by cheerful chatter from people bundled up for the cold evening. From my vantage point, I could see people gathered by the warm glow of the food stalls, scattered coloured light from people with glow-swords, and people still arriving. Fire dancers in the roped off area performed to an eager crowd. The flames from the burning staffs, hoops and batons created paths of light in the darkness and illuminated the performers, catching and holding people’s attention. There was something for everyone to enjoy while we waited for the main event, be it food, entertainment or friends.

I managed to track down a group of my friends just as the final people were let in and the lights were turned off. Sitting close together, we waited with everyone else as the attendants gathered around the fireworks and began the display.

It was quite the display. There were fireworks of many kinds, exploding at every height and in a cacophony of sound, punctuated by gasps and cheers from the crowds. Every time it seemed the show was over, the premature applause would be drowned out by the next round, which drew yet more cheers. It went on and on, but never became dull, and when at last it was over, the acclaim from the crowd almost matched it for volume.

The lights came back on and people began to leave, a cheerful buzz hanging over the grounds. We lingered to take advantage of the shorter lines at the food stalls and watched a group of families and students enjoy sparklers together. Even leaving the grounds late, there were still people around us, everyone going at their own pace, talking, laughing and mingling.  The only thing cold that night was the weather, I shall definitely be returning to enjoy the experience again next year.