I Can Do Yoga and Help Charity?

Yoga can be truly transformational for our physical wellbeing as it helps build muscle strength and strong muscles do more than look good. Having strong muscles can protect your body from conditions like arthritis as well as back pain. Yoga itself improves your posture and flexibility and can help with the stress of university deadlines. However, sometimes it can be hard to find a great place to go and learn.

Yoga Quota is a unique organisation which devotes some of the class fees to deliver yoga to charity groups across the UK. Falmouth University graduate Lucy Morley is set to head up the new Falmouth branch and weekly classes have already been scheduled for Carrick MIND in Falmouth and The Foyer in Truro (part of Devon Cornwall Housing).

Lucy studied Art and Environment at Falmouth University before moving to London where she used yoga as a way to find peace. After undertaking teacher training at Sampoorna Shala in Goa, she decided to return to Cornwall to teach yoga and enjoy living closer to the sea.

Yoga Quota’s concept is simple – for every 50 people who practice in their studio, Lucy will teach a free class to a group who would not otherwise have had access to yoga. They believe that Yoga should be universally accessible, particularly at a time where cost may exclude people from certain health activities.

Lucy has said that “if we can bring yoga to those who cannot access standard classes, then we can help extend the learning of yoga to people who may be the most in need. My yoga journey began while I was at university; taking classes as a well needed break to the general bustle of student life, but my real personal practice developed while living in London. Stepping onto my mat became a way to find a place of peace – a much-needed and non-judgemental, non-competitive place”. I can imagine many of us will need this when we finally enter into the dreaded ‘real’ world.

Classes will be held Monday to Friday at the Courtyard Deli Café, behind the High Street. All levels from beginners to advanced are welcome, and yoga mats are provided. A single class is £8, and when booked online the first class is half-price. A ten per cent student discount is also available so there is absolutely nothing stopping you.

Yoga Quota can give you the real motivation to get fit: when you’re lying in bed deciding if you can be bothered to go, you can think about the difference that you are making in your community at the same time. Cornwall is such a beautiful place and if taking your new-found yoga skills to the beach is not an incentive then I don’t know what is.

Further information about Yoga Quota, including a class timetable can be found at www.yogaquota.com/falmouth