Penrynopoly: bringing the community together since 2016

Nellie Hughes reports on the event held this weekend to promote community engagement and discuss local issues.

Photography: Nellie Hughes
Photography: Nellie Hughes

This weekend, Penryn hosted the ‘Taking Penryn’ community event for all those involved with the town to come along and discuss any issues. To make this event more interactive, Dean Pomeroy, Kieran Cutting and Natasha Evans created the game Penrynopoly.

The game is played the same way as the classic Monopoly except for a few small changes. For instance, the property cards are locations in Penryn such as the Thirsty Scholar, Penryn Surgery and the Stannary. The chance cards are based around things that happen in Penryn and issues within the community which gives people the opportunity to join in with the debate, discuss any issues and provide opinions. One card reads, “The doctor is running late and you miss your allotted time, move back three spaces” and then in smaller writing underneath it says “The doctor’s surgery waiting times are ridiculous” and this would then be a discussion topic.

A variety of people participated in the family friendly game, students, families and seniors, who have been a part of the Penryn community for years, came to the event which provided a great and varied discussion with multiple viewpoints.

The game didn’t just provide a chance for locals to discuss how they could improve their community and make a better future for Penryn, it also gave the chance to learn and pick up a few handy hints. Those who have been in Penryn for a few years told the more recent additions to the community that there were hidden wonders around Penryn. For example, there is a guided walk held three times a week and there are beautiful moors that are a great day out, but due to the lack of signage these great beauties go overlooked when we should all be embracing all that Penryn has to offer.

The older generation also had some tips for those of us looking for housing off campus. Mould is a big concern for the locals and the advice given out was really useful, including tips about first-time house inspections and landlords who call the mould a lifestyle just because we live in rainy cold Cornwall.

‘Taking Penryn’ was a successful event that definitely got people talking about their community and the ways they could better it’s future. Penrynopoly is a great way to get everyone involved in the local discussion as well as provide feedback for the event supporters; Penryn Town Council, Penryn Neighbourhood Planning Team and Cornwall Council.

Photography: Nellie Hughes
The creators of Penrynopoly alongside the game. Photography: Nellie Hughes