Hating Hilary Clinton

It is only hours before the next President of the United States is revealed. Seren Livie’s article questions the public’s animosity towards Hilary Clinton and it explores why politicians are considered corrupt.

Edited by Isabel Aruna.

It's all the same. By Henryn Jermyn.
It’s all the same. By Henry Jermyn.

This year’s US election has been fraught with issues, with its two Presidential candidates being the most hated ever to run for office, according to public polls. To people outside of America, and the most intelligent Americans, it is easy to understand the hatred for Donald Trump. From his racist policies about Mexicans and Muslims, to his disrespectful language towards women, Trump has become a symbol for the abhorrent right-wing ideologies. The hatred directed towards Hilary Clinton, however, is due to less obvious reasons than the animosity towards Donald Trump.

The clearest explanation for the mass aversion towards Clinton comes from the view that she is corrupt; that she cannot be trusted due to her muddied political past. Blighted by scandals, such as the Benghazi affair, her use of private emails and what is viewed as too close a relationship with Wall Street and big businesses, it is believed by many Americans that she is too untrustworthy to be granted the Presidency. That remains her biggest issue: trust. It doesn’t appear to matter to them that she has over a decade of political experience and has implementable policies. To many, Hilary Clinton represents the height of political corruption.

It can be argued that Clinton is no more corrupt than any other politician, or than her opponent, whose previous business exploits have been at best sketchy, at worst illegal. The reason why Hilary Clinton receives so much more negativity surrounding her exploits than Trump is because to a lot of people, specifically the American middle and working-class, she is the embodiment of the political elite. That is a phrase you will probably be more familiar with in the wake of the ‘Brexit’ vote.

The term ‘political elite’ is one that has been recently used by politicians that view themselves, or wish themselves to be viewed, as non-mainstream, outside of the political norm. After events such as the Iraq war and revelations around the NSA, the general public has grown dissatisfied and disillusioned with their governments, not just in America but throughout the western world. Labelling someone as a member of the ‘political elite’ is to imply that they do not represent the interests of the people, rather the interests of themselves and their career. It was a tactic used by the ‘Leave’ campaign in ‘Brexit’ and it is a tactic currently being used by Donald Trump. This tactic is helping to discredit Hilary Clinton and it is a reason why it is a close call in the polls against Trump.

There are many reasons to dislike Hilary Clinton. Many people, however, do not simply hate her because of her stances on trade and her suspected political past; they hate Hilary because they hate the government and what it stands for and want a change. Though if those people who are tired of the political establishment believe that Donald Trump will represent their interests, they are in for a nasty surprise if he becomes the President of the United States.