Footing-a poem by Lucy Linford


Give me interest

Give me place

Give me cracked heels

Give me damp soles

Cold cheeks and a running nose

Give me still train station waiting rooms

Give me a snoring man with a lizard bruise

Give me soggy sandwiches on sticky roads

Paper thin ham pressed against settled stones

Give me rain

Give me puddles

Give me moonlight

Give me groups of hoods in barricades of bikes

Give me their whistles and crude promises

Give me soggy takeaway boxes

Give me distant song

Give me lovers

Give me blotched mascara, a push up bra

Give me a shaved head and an eyebrow scar

Give me a traffic cone

Give me the smell of smoke

Give me a dogs moan

Give me missed calls

Give me a full moon

The kind that floats on pavements slabs like a bleached balloon

Give me shadows

Give me purpose

Give me distraction

Give me kids out too late with a shopping trolley

Calling ‘fudge cake’ on their latest game

Secret plans muffled by the hiss of incoming train

Give me lights and give me darkness

Give me clouds

Give me fear

Give me alleyways

Give me white brick

Lit by a lethargic street lamp shimmering with slug spit

Give me calm

Give me walking

Keep me from trashy TV and Facebook stalking

Give me endless nights

Give me different streets

Give me fleeting glances and cold bed sheets


©Lucy Linford 2016


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