New Support Service to be launched this term

Declan Flahive reports on the Tell Me Campaign, the latest support service to be launched by FXU

The Tell Me Campaign, the brain child of Michelle Lewis, Alexa Webster, and Keith Hawksworth, will soon be in operation in and around Falmouth and Penryn to help create an added feeling of safety in the local area.

The campaign consists of an email service in which incidents can be reported and help can be given to those experiencing hardship, whether that be in the form of verbal abuse, hate crime, suicidal thoughts or homesickness, for example. The email assistance will send out an automated message giving a list of all the various ways to manoeuvre the situation. If the problem persists or escalates, the person affected will receive tailored advice and assistance from the Student Support team to help resolve the issue as soon as possible. On top of the email assistance, there is also a tracking service which allows the Student Support team to keep a tab on the locations of where various incidents occur, meaning if there is a reoccurring hot-spot of reported abuse then action can be taken.

The anonymity of the service; the fact it doesn’t go through the Compass and the option to ask for help on behalf of a friend in need will hopefully ensure a greater usage of the campaign, as it can only be effective in tracking locations where matters occur if those who are suffering actually take the initiative to report it.

Going through difficulties on your own is a monumental burden which many struggle with, and having the opportunity to receive help from an outside source can make all the difference in preventing the problem progressing.

University is meant to be where you have some of the best times of your life, and anything which assists with that, such as the Tell Me campaign, should be welcomed wholeheartedly.