What is the future of Freshers fortnight?

Nicola Elson, News Editor, looks at what expansion could mean for the future of Freshers events in Cornwall.

With September under our belts, many of us might be resigning October to the simple purpose of catching up on lost sleep. For those who are in their second year and above, the sight of Pirate Party and Freshers’ Ball this year was one of familiarity, a regular event to look forward to on your return to university.

However, with growing student numbers, the future of our ‘regular’ Fresher events is coming under question. The capacity of the Stannary is only 1,400, and those who attempted to queue without a wristband for the events, and were waiting on entry almost two hours, will understand that this is not enough.

FXU are beginning to look at alternate options for the next batch of first years; they cannot start to exclude some students from what could be the most memorable week of their lives, under the clause that there simply isn’t room forscreenshot-2016-09-28-07-39-00 them. As such, the team have begun brainstorming directions in which the week can go. It is not certain that they will re-use the wristband approach, and might instead ticket the events separately, with the tickets only coming on sale on the first day of welcome weekend.

Another idea that is on the cards is hosting more events, some on the same night, so that students can have a choice out of a selection — perhaps picking three out of five events. The recent event hosted by Canvas at Pendennis Castle is an example of how this could happen ­— people had another choice to Heaven and Hell, so the weight of the students was spread across the two locations.

The focus for the FXU presidents is to host a Freshers that reflects the prestige of the two leading universities, doing something different so that they are not just following the trends present at many other universities around the country.

Furthermore, FXU President of Student Experience, Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, has emphasised the rising number of students who have approached her who do not drink alcohol, and as such she wants to move towards creating a main Freshers event that is not so much centred around drink culture.

FXU are planning on holding a focus group in November, so if you have any ideas on the direction in which Fresher events could move, or have any feedback on how this year went for you, contact the presidents in the FXU office.