Life After Mangos

Eleanor Washington-Jones dwells on Falmouth nightlife after the closure of popular night club Mangos.

As a university student who didn’t take a gap year and who has always been in education, since arriving at uni I’ve discovered that, yeah, I like to go out. I like clubbing, I like playing ring of fire and getting paralytically drunk, I just do. Soz.

I spent my first year going between Mangos (RIP) and Club I, like all good freshers do. For those that joined us this year and don’t know, Mangos was not just a club, oh no, it was THE club. House music upstairs, Skins UK rave style, but downstairs every Saturday… Not only was it free, but they played throwback music, such as the likes of Come On Eileen. They also had some lit pop punk nights before it was closed. But then the unimaginable happened. Mango’s became Mangone. Falmouth’s nightlife became a disaster.

There was no where to go except Club I, causing queues reminiscent of FestiFal every single night. Last Thursday was an absolute mess. I queued for 45 minutes to get in and it was even empty. Ridic. That long a queue for Club I just isn’t worth it, you’ve sobered up and you can smell the smell. And the entrance fee is now £3.50.

How does one mourn the loss of Mangos without another club to dance away the sorrows? The last term of 2016 was tragic for those prone to drinking tequila instead of facing our problems (deadlines).

But, returning to Falmouth this year, things were looking up. During summer I found out both Five Degrees Below and Mono were opening up into clubs. Last year it was just the occasional club night but mostly being a bar for those people who just want a ‘quiet drink at the pub’. Let’s face it, that is a no from me.

Both Fives and Mono also now have LGBTQ+ nights on Mondays and Tuesday every week, which I think is amazing. As someone very active in the LGBTQ+ community, its brilliant having a safe space to meet people similar to you and lets be honest, people who identify as a gay male have Grindr. What do us gay girls have? Well, now we have Falmouth clubs. The world is a better place.

Fives also has a pop punk night, which has proven to be a massive success within Fal. For everyone that loves a bit of Blink 182 and the classic Teenage Dirtbag, we have found our home. Well, on Mondays anyway. Plus, you can dance on the tables at Fives and thats a win for everyone. That’s where I’ll be if you need me. Peace out.