Penryn lights up to celebrate 800 years

Sarah Redman

Photography: Eleanor Washington-Jones
Photography: Eleanor Washington-Jones

Penryn lit up in celebration last night as part of it’s 800 year celebrations.

The show, put on by Luxmuralis, took place at the heart of the town, with images being beamed up onto the town council building, the church and the clock tower.

Each of the three buildings took on a special role; the clock tower operated as a information board, whilst the town hall displayed historical images and the church offered context through images of paintings and stained glass.

The show was designed to appeal to all and to tell “in a contemporary way 800 years of history” said Peter Walker, the artist behind the display.

The subject matter of each of the short chapters that made up the performance were chosen by the town’s school children and a lot of local research was carried out for the project. The team visited schools, local museums and libraries to uncover the history of the town and convert it into a digestible show for all ages. Catherine Walker described it as an “event of a lifetime”.

Particular chapters included the events of the world wars, the expansion of the trade networks as well as exploration and discovery. The display ended on images and sounds of a firework display to commemorate the event.

The show was very well received and there was a strong turnout. Local resident Elizabeth Talbot appreciated the repeated showings commenting; “each time you see something different”.

All the stops were pulled out for Penryn as the company used more projectors than ever to create the show. The lights were accompanied by bespoke music produced by David Harper, a composer who has worked on Great Railway Journeys and Grand Designs.

Photography: Eleanor Washington-Jones
Photography: Eleanor Washington-Jones