Vegan-Friendly Falmouth

Vita Sleigh gives you a run-down of the best vegan cafés and restaurants in town.

Illustration: Vita Sleigh
Illustration: Vita Sleigh

Welcome to Falmouth, where ‘the streets are paved with tofu’ as my visiting vegan friend described. But don’t worry if tofu’s not your cup of tea (or your coconut milk latte, if you’re in Good Vibes) because there’s so much choice when it comes to eating out here for vegans and veggies. Even if you’re not vegan – these places just do incredible food, so don’t be put off by a cheeky little ‘v’ next to it in the menu. Vegans are happy to share our delicious food  (unless it’s the last scoop of homemade peanut butter and chocolate ice cream in Wildebeest – in which case, temporarily forget the nonviolence philosophy because we will fight you for it).

Wildebeest – vegan restaurant which uses lovely fresh ingredients – their food is really beautifully presented and so delicious. It’s not unheard of for tears to be shed over their delicious puddings. A must! (Falmouth high street)

Howl – vegan coffee shop in Penryn serving delicious hot drinks and cakes, as well as pizza nights on a Friday. They often have workshops and events going on, so worth keeping an eye on their facebook page. Really nice creative atmosphere and good music – great for a cup of tea and a draw! (Penryn high street)

Peasouk – sweet little veggie café with lots of vegan options, serving burgers and sandwiches including veggie bacon sandwiches, as well as lighter options like falafel salads and soups. Often have a vegan pudding or cake too! (Falmouth high street, up an alleyway between Toast and the Falmouth Bookseller)

FalFalafel – tasty, filling falafel pittas with homemade salads and hummus (van on the Moor, there most days. The few days it’s not there are often the days I crave one insatiably but hopefully this won’t happen to you.)

Swamp Circus Café – vegan café in Penryn high street, serving hot drinks and cakes

Café Cinnamon – cosy veggie café with vegan options and seating in the courtyard for sunny days. (Brewery Yard – just up past the health food shop)

The Natural Store – a good health food store with vegan snacks available. (Falmouth High Street)

Brother’s Pizza – has a ‘Vegan Dreams’ pizza. It is quite dreamy. (The Moor)

Ciuri Ciuri – has a range of vegan ice creams (Falmouth High Street)

Zizzis/Pizza Express – both provide a vegan pizza option. They are next to each other (near the Maritime Museum)

King’s Pipe Pasties/Rowes Pasties – both have vegan pasty options.

Great Shakes – has a soya milk and soya ice cream option, which makes a lot of the milkshakes vegan. Oreo is a particularly good one! (The Moor, near the cinema)

Palacio Lounge – has a vegan menu with lots of options. A really nice building and great decoration inside – good for a drink, coffee or cocktails (The Moor)

Good Vibes Café/Espressini – drinks available with alternative milks, and both have vegan brunch options (The Moor)

Both campuses should have vegan options available every day, and they should be clearly labelled. If there aren’t, pester them until there are!