Theresa May’s appointment as Prime Minister threatens future of Cornwall

Sarah Redman

Following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union three weeks ago, the future of Britain’s most vulnerable region, has been further called into question.

The exit of Andrea Leadsom from the race for the top job led to the appointment of Theresa May as Prime Minister yesterday afternoon. Only one out of the six MPs in the region, Sarah Newton, showed support for May during the leadership contest.

Given the economic instability caused by Britain’s decision to become an independent market, the appointment could reduce Cornwall’s voice in some of the tough financial decisions to come.

With organisations and corporations set to compete over the supposed windfall of old EU money following Brexit, May is likely to prioritise those who showed support for her appointment.

Money pledged to Cornwall in the instance of a Brexit may not be honoured, given Farage’s failure to honour the weekly £350m to the NHA.

With only 17% of Cornish MPs backing May, could her appointment signal more bad news for Cornwall?