FECCLES presents ‘Iridium’ to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

Louisa Pennell

13633302_10201750958573794_655631300_oFECCLES’ latest offering for the Edinburgh Festival is an original piece written and directed by third year history student Patrick Liddle. The show entitled ‘Iridium’ is FECCLES’ fourth Edinburgh show, and the first full length play following three years of sketch shows (FECCLES…On Love/The Sketch Show that Cannot Be Named for Legal Reasons/Decaying with Grace)

Iridium is a one-act spaghetti-western that brings the bitter, bloody-minded world of 19th century American palaeontology to violent, Machiavellian life. The year is 1898; Professor Edward Drinker Cope of Philadelphia is in his final months of life. His death will mean the end of the “Bone War”, the rivalry between him and Yale palaeontologist Professor Othniel Charles Marsh, which over the past three decades has left a wake of stolen fossils and exploded dig sites – but also led to the discovery of countless new species. Iridium tells the story of Cope’s (fictitious) final strike at victory, one which will bring bone-hunters, cowboys and bandits to each other’s throats. Worse, it will draw from obscurity the youthful the youthful gunslinger-turned-palaeontologist Marcus Kittridge and the enigmatic palaeontologist-turned-gunslinger Elizabeth Bowskull, and the scores they have to settle.

This new fringe production features many seasoned FECCLES performers including Sonera Angel, Laura Pollacco and Ollie Gibb, but also a multitude of new faces who debuted in the recent production of ‘The History Boys’ such as Axel Carlsson, Rhianna Lund and Rachel Walsh. The wealth of performing talent, both old and new certainly bode well for a highly successful run at the world’s largest arts festival in August.

For ‘Iridium’ to go ahead, they need some funding for the cast’s accommodation and travel, as well as their costumes. They are trying to make the performance look as slick and stylish as possible, so the more money they get, the more successful this will be. They have recently released a Kickstarter campaign, and their goal is to raise £500 before ‘Iridium’ hits Edinburgh from the 6th-20th August (excluding Wednesdays) at the Serenity Café. If you want a chance to donate, or just to see the faces behind the play that is ‘Iridium’, follow this link to their Kickstarter video: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1570560239/iridium



Written by Patrick Liddle

Directed by Patrick Liddle (The Real Inspector Hound) and Ollie Gibb (The Sketch Show that Cannot Be Named for Legal Reasons)

Produced by Callum McKay (Decaying with Grace)


Elizabeth Bowskull: Sonera Angel (The Real Inspector Hound)

Marcus Kittridge: Tomas van den Heuval (Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead/Macbeth/The History Boys)

Bridget: Laura Pollacco (As You Like It/Macbeth/The History Boys)

Professor Cope: Axel Carlsson (The History Boys)

Professor Marsh: Ollie Gibb (The Real Inspector Hound/Macbeth/Decaying with Grace)

Annie Cope: Rebecca Stewart (As You Like It/The History Boys)

Julia: Rhianna Lund (The History Boys)

Elena: Rachel Walsh (The History Boys)

Hannah: Molly Griffiths (The History Boys)

Hector: Tom Crane

Dig Hands: Patrick Liddle (Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead) and Callum McKay (Decaying with Grace)