Summer Trends 2016: Bardot Tops and Knitted Co-ords

Samantha Vassiliou, fashion columnist, has some tips for this summer’s fashion trends

Photography credit: Lucy Anderson


So summer in the UK has supposedly started, and with this rise in temperature comes the rise in hems and the lowering of necklines.  Knitted co-ords are becoming a mainstream thing now, what with the growing numbers of Instagram boutiques. The first co-ords I noticed were by Lindsay Lohan’s line for Lavish Alice: they were made from a high quality ribbed knit and had flared details.

As different fashion bloggers took advantage of this new look, lower rate shops, such as MissPap and boutiques similar to this one, hopped on board, producing look-a-likes of lower quality and flogging them for cheap. Endorsed by Z-list celebrities such as Megan McKenna, these cheap-sets sold like wild fire, and every Instagram worthy fashion blogger owns one, with colours ranging from a nice muted grey, to overdone camo, to lary pinks with embellishments. Are these co-ords set to stay for duration of summer, or will they fade away?

Another hugely popular trend is the bardot top: an off the shoulder ode to Brigitte Bardot, and a classy way to stay casual. This trend is already blowing up but it’s getting bigger by the day. These tops can be seen on high-end catwalks to high-street stores and online boutiques. This trend has to be one of my personal favourites, with the off the shoulder detail giving the plainest tops a little more oomf, glamming up any outfit whether it’s for a day walking through town and chilling on the beach, or going for cocktails during the night.

The perfect “it” top for this summer, let’s hope this look sticks around.