Falmouth Fashion: Art School Chic or Hipster Disaster?

What’s happening to Falmouth’s fashion sense? Samantha Vassiliou, fashion columnist, questions the shifting trends by students

Photography: Samantha Vassiliou


Falmouth University students have grown almost infamous in the last few years due to our unique, chilled fashion sense. But recently, this year especially, the new students have brought down with them more glam and a little bit more formal form of night-wear. So what’s with this shift in style? Has the mellow, relaxed, art-hoe look finally come to an end? And if so, why?

This campus has never had as many students as it has done this year. This originally small arts university has blossomed into a mish-mash of faces and people from all over the place, most of whom are not used to going out in a battered pair of converse, a turtle neck, and a plaid shirt. Has this nonchalant Falmouth uniform reached its inevitable end? At first, this look was seen as quirky, each person giving it their own twist while sticking to the staples of flat shoes, plaid, and jumpers. It gave off that “cool kid who’s mysterious and doesn’t care” vibe. But now it’s seen as a tumblr, hipster rip-off, what with so many people attempting and butchering this once effortless ensemble.

Is this change in dynamic a good thing? Everywhere all over the country we see guys in shirts and jeans and girls in beautiful dresses teetering around in high heels, but is Falmouth the place to bring this style down to? Home to cobbled streets, steep hills, and weather that’s more indecisive than any student ever, it’s definitely clear that Falmouth doesn’t welcome stilettos with open arms. But can this be the start of a new era filled with chunky heels paired with plaid, and space buns paired with the latest “it” dress? Maybe, who knows?