90’s Music is Still ‘Too Cool for School’ – Not Uni.

Jack Hope, Online Opinions Editor, encourages a growing revival in retro music.

Ask any modern day high schooler; 90’s music just isn’t a thing, it’s actively uncool. Even early 2000s sound tracks don’t cut it; it’s all chart hits and ‘throw back’ music which is the late noughties – and yes, the term ‘throw back’ is tenuous at most. Fast forward through GCSE and A-levels and we find a different situation. Since my moving to uni a 90s reawakening has occurred, great news for those who were always into it – the 90s is cool here. There is no shame in dressing in questionable 90s fads, playing Pokemon on the original gameboy and knowing all the lyrics to All Star by Smash Mouth; quite the reverse.

Picture this. You’re in Club I or a ‘kickin’ (taking this old school, I know, ‘rad’) house party; whatever takes your fancy. Music from the charts can be playing all night long and can go completely unnoticed. However, the moment The Real Slim Shady by Eminem comes on everyone loses it and makes that weird shouting/throat noise following with a wild time. Case and point, 90s night; the music from 20 years ago was so ‘fly’ that the Stannary held a sell-out event. And yes, people may talk of other themed nights, but no one seemed to talk about the music from them in quite the same way. I even saw a suggestions page which fuelled the hype.

I was so enamoured by this whole phenomenon I went on a journey of rediscovery (I went full on retro); I have never had so much fun looking for music. I urge readers of this to do the same. Personal highlights include, It Wasn’t Me, Mambo no5 and some classic Fat Boy Slim. Not only will this give you an amazing playlist for journeys to and from uni, but one to ‘freak out’ to at parties. Trust me, it will liven up every party.

So, now that I’ve explained how ‘ice is back with a new edition’, get involved; that music is ‘pumpin’! It’s definitely been a lot of fun for me and has my flat mates ‘jammin’. I may have been too cool in school for it, but I’m not now. I’m going to listen to a true classic chumbawumba hit now; ‘peace out’.

Image: https://goo.gl/ILrqv2