5 Free Student Apps for a Cornwall Student

Hugo Tilmouth



RefMe allows you to scan the books that you use for an essay, dissertation or research project with just your phone camera to produce automatic Harvard-style references that can be accessed on any device connected to the internet.



You may have used Tilt to buy tickets for an event or stash from your society. But Tilt can do much more than that…you can split your bills in your house, split dinner without the need for change, split flights for that trip to Amsterdam or just pay someone back. All in under 30 seconds!


camscannerCamScanner Free

CamScanner allows you to really quickly scan any document using just your phone. Gone are the days of queuing to scan something in the library #WelcomeToTheFuture. Once scanned, the document can be reordered and stored in the cloud, making digital hand-ins, signing documents and keeping receipts that little bit easier.


findfriendsFind Friends

This one is iPhone – only sorry Androids. This nifty little app by Apple lets you add your closest friends/family to your list. The people on this list can keep track of the location of each other just like Find My iPhone. This makes finding your BFF on nights out much easier. Sounds creepy but just only add your friends.




Whether you are looking for a cheap place to stay while travelling or a romantic getaway or you just want to save some $$ while interning in London: AirBnb has got you covered. With bunks, rooms, apartments and houses all on offer you are bound to find what you are looking for. All at a fraction of the price of the traditional approach to travelling.