Our students’ issues meet Prime Minister’s ears

Sarah Redman, Editor-in-Chief, reports on the private meeting held yesterday between Alexa Webster, Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson and David Cameron.

Photography: FXU


As you may already be aware, some members of the student body, along with Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson (FXU President Student Experience) and Alexa Webster (FXU President Community and Welfare) visited the University of Exeter campus in Streatham yesterday. The aim of the day was to enable students to discuss the EU campaigns with the Prime Minister, an opportunity which was valued highly by those who attended.

12976997_1140123239363742_6254887965606749546_oOf course, not ones to miss an opportunity when presented, Alexa and Amanda were sure to bring some of our campus issues to light in a private meeting with Mr Cameron held before the Q&A session took place. “We spoke briefly and frankly about how there are many national problems with accommodation that range from sky high rents to unacceptable quality of rooms; but made sure it was clear that the main problem we face in Cornwall is a distinct lack of rooms versus number of students. We’ve prioritised accommodation constantly this year, it’s our #1 on our 2015/2016 Top Ten priorities for a reason! So we weren’t going to miss an opportunity to take the FXU student voice to the highest national levels possible.” (Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson).

The situation in Cornwall, despite all the student housing issues up and down the country is a unique one. “Cameron made it very clear that he knew that our Cornwall Campus has benefitted hugely from EU funding and he is so openly pro-remaining in the EU, I guess this explains his interest” (Alexa Webster). It is common knowledge that the government believes that students are most likely to vote to remain in the EU, and yet are the least likely to vote; Cameron needs our support for the election to work in his favor.

12957567_1140123229363743_8674895751153806264_oAlthough Cameron’s primary interest is arguably promoting the Remain campaign, taking the time to talk to our Presidents about issues facing us can only be a good thing. As Alexa puts it “Regardless of my personal politics, I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to meet with him, and that our students were able to be there too. The FXU is a students union, and I hope that we did our students proud in the meeting and they were happy they were able to be a part of the debate.”