What to do When Everyone Has Gone Home

Jack Hope, Online Opinions Editor, suggests activities for those still in Cornwall over the Easter break.

Illustration: Laura Bridges


So the Easter holiday has come around and it seems the entire university has gone home. You’ve all the time in the world and no one to spend it with. Great news! Here’s a list that can help one pass those hours that might otherwise have been spent on Netflix.

A benefit of living in Falmouth is the excellent sea side location; take advantage! On a sunny day, go to the beach. Find that person you’ve been saying you ‘need to meet up with’ and actually do it. Ensure that you take many photographs of the mini adventure in order to send them to friends that did go home, or put them onto social media, to remind everyone exactly what they’re missing.

Flat to yourself? No problem. Treat yourself to the things you can’t normally do. Maybe play your music loudly, watch the television in the living room you’re too afraid to admit you watch, or walk around in underwear; whatever floats your boat.

Next, do all the activities your friends don’t want to do. Whether it be a coastal walk, seeing a film, or visiting the Eden Project; live the dream! This could be the chance to see the parts of Cornwall that have been hidden from you – explore the world in which you live.

If activities aren’t your thing, you could go on a different sort of adventure; a culinary one. Why not experiment with some recipes you found at the beginning of term and were too afraid to try out, and if this isn’t your thing, try out that cool bistro you’ve seen but never been in. Expanding your food know how is always an exciting experience. The benefit of doing this alone is that if something doesn’t work out, no worries, no one has to know. Then when everyone returns, you can impress with your new found knowledge.

My last suggestion isn’t the most fun, but it’s very productive and provides long term benefits. Get a head start on work for next term! Firstly, you’ll have some idea what your going to be doing the upcoming term. Secondly, because the work has been completed, it now means some of the pressure has been taken off. This new found free time, once completing some work, could mean a potential increase in your social life, or more time watching TV if you prefer.

To sum up, there are many things to fill up your holidays. Don’t feel as though you’re Netflix bound!

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