Organic Chaos

Megan Fatharly looks at, and reviews, the photography of four students.

Picture1This image was captured by Rebecca Short, beautifully composed and captures the elements of the environment and its rawness. The figure is the focal point for this and grounds the image leading the eye towards the silhouette and this appreciation for nature.  Becky says “I feel that the interaction I have had with nature as a child has heavily influenced my love of capturing its aesthetics as well as the willingness to fight for the environment today – from walking and studying the flora and fauna around me, to foraging and collecting curiosities.” This idea shows within her work and how she shows human interaction by capturing both organic and human form within her work. She has a great eye for composition and the texture of her work makes it so engaging.


Picture12Tom Ballinger’s photography captures the landscape in all its dramatic glory. His work is haunting and the use of light casts a moody tone over his work. This piece caught my attention because of the use of shapes and contrast with texture. His work has so many qualities to it which allow the viewer to engage with the landscape. He has an eye for making landscape photography contemporary but keeping the rawness and forms of nature as the focus, which make his work memorable. The section of this image where the show dark forms meet in the centre create a focal point to the piece and draw the eye up the landscape to appreciate the line of the land.


Picture13Millie Elliott contrasts aspects of the nature with the human form and looking at the interplay between the two.  She is someone who is not afraid to push the boundaries of photography where her current work is pushing into collage and fragmentation.  She is always playing around with new ways to compose the idea of nature vs. man or how the two compliment each other. Her work has a certain flow to it and her placement of aspects within the frame always works seamlessly.


Picture14Allis Liddle captures the contrast between man and nature. She does through the exploration of ruins and abandoned buildings. She says “I get a feeling of nostalgia when walking around these abandoned buildings, I feel as if I am reliving the footsteps of the people who lived or worked there in the past. “ She captures the chaos of nature and in her image and this is depicted with the movement of the plants. The movement of this image is continued with the composition of the surrounding buildings, which create an overwhelming sense of power that the building once had in the landscape. Beautifully framed and composed.