Falmouth Spring Festival, Part One (10th to 18th)

Nadja Kaukiainen, Online News Editor, reports on the Spring Festival, starting tomorrow.

Photography: Nadja Kaukiainen



Every year’s March, Falmouth organises Falmouth Spring Festival, which brightens up the streets, shop windows and people of the town. This year, starting on March 10th, it is supposed to be bigger and better than ever before, and here’s why.

The Festival is opened on Thursday, March 10th, with the town being decorated in yellow. Students of Falmouth University as well as local school children will be working with the community to pretty up the look of the streets. Following this, there will be the Spring Clean in the weekend, and Sunday is marked by a half marathon around Falmouth. Activity wise, for any nature lover there will be a Seashore Foraging on Thursday, which includes a walk along the shoreline, a rock pool scramble, and plant identification. There will also be other walks arranged: Through Falmouth Town (history tour); Poldark’s Falmouth (book tour); Explore Mawnan’s Coast (wildlife tour); and finally, Helford and Gillan Creek (wildlife tour).

Moving on from the weekend, there is more variety in the walks. On Monday, Ian Addicoat from Discovery Channel will be leading Ghost Walk. If nothing else, it should provide walkers with some spooky location and interesting, thought inspiring stories. The timing (8.30pm) will not be helping either, as by that time it will be dark and Falmouth will provide the perfect setting for the Ghost Walk.

On Friday 18th, Nordic Walking Taster Day will take place at the Trelissick Gardens. Catering to all fitness levels, it will be led by an INWA (International Nordic Walking Association) instructor. It will be a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and improve your strength. In addition, unlike other guided walks, it will be free.

Other than this, the Through Falmouth Town will be recreated again on Wednesday 16th.

The duration of the Spring Festival will also see two exhibitions and a show. Then & Now, Cornwall’s Daffodil Families, is a photography exhibition gathering history from over 150 years ago. Presenting daffodil growers and daffodil displays, it is being held from March 3rd to 28th, with free entry.

The second exhibition concentrates on gardens (and gardeners). Pictures of Falmouth Spring Flower Shower from the 1940s to today, it will provide on lookers with a breeze of historic Falmouth. Held at Princess Pavilions from March 7th to 21st, free entry.

The one show is The Poly’s contribution to the Spring Festival. Performing will be The Jive Aces, who reached Britain’s Got Talent final rounds in 2012, and their “Bring Me Sunshine” video on Youtube has nearly 3 million views. You can find them in the centre of Falmouth on March 11th, with tickets costing £14-16.

Please note: some of the activities are paid, and most of them require before hand booking. More information at http://www.falmouth.co.uk/search/events/falmouth-spring-festival/