FXU WildDocSoc’s Next Guest Speaker: Mark Evans

FXU Wildlife Documentary Society are excited to announce their next guest speaker Mark Evans. With a background as an experienced vet to presenting one of the most unique wildlife documentary series ever made, Mark’s career is fascinating to anyone interested in the biological sciences and film making. While starting out working with smaller domestic animals as a vet, Mark has expanded his curiosity to nature’s biggest beasts. He is famous for his work on shows such as ‘Dogs: Their Secret Lives’, ‘War Horse: The Real Story’ and ‘Dead Famous DNA’. The talk will give a special glimpse into the worlds of vets, presenters, anatomists and how these charismatic creatures are formed. Completing over 1000 programmes all around the world, Mark really is an expert in presenting as well as years of veterinary practice under his belt and having built his own helicopter, he has a truly vast and accomplished skill set.

WildDocSoc will be hosting a talk from Mark in particular on his work as part of Channel 4’s popular television series and BAFTA award winning ‘Inside Nature’s Giants’. A show all about the fascinating physiology behind some of our favourite species.  It offers a rare look at the mechanics behind each animal’s behaviour, working with specialists from all over the globe to dissect these magnificent feats of nature. From whales to elephants these animals are turned inside out to examine their complex anatomy and to find clues for solving the mysteries of evolution. As well as a talk from Mark, there will also be an exclusive Skype call interview with leading anatomist Joy Reidenberg (also known as ‘the Whale Queen’) all the way from New York. Joy starred alongside Mark on the show and her passion for her field of expertise shone through as she stood knee deep in a fin whale, beaming as she successfully removed its voice box, a lesser understood, but highly important body part of a whale. Their work highlights the importance of not only understanding why animals behave the ways they do but also how they achieve these impressive behaviours with their specially adapted physiology.

So are you interested in animals? Do you have a love for all things gross and fascinating? Or do you dream of one day presenting your own programme on television? Come along to indulge these interests, hear Mark and Joy’s stories and be mesmerised by the inside of nature’s giants!

The talk will take place 2nd March at 17:00 at the Penryn University Campus in the Upper Stannary. The doors will be open at 16:00 with last admission at 16:45. Tickets can be purchased online from the FXU website: http://www.fxu.org.uk/organisation/WildDocSoc/ and physical copies of tickets must be collected from the FXU office before the event. Tickets for members of our society and university staff are £4 and tickets for non-members are £8.