Urban Survivor

Nadja Kaukiainen reports on the event organised by Tuff Enuff on Sunday 28th February.


Designed my military experts, the Tuff Enuff Organisation has been planning and actualising extreme obstacle course races for years, all over Cornwall. Their events before have included yearly Above and Beyond, World’s End, and Tuff Nutt, and now, they are bringing the brand new Urban Survivor to our very own Falmouth. Taking place on Sunday the 28th, it will certainly be worth a look.

Urban Survivor is all about action. Using the town to its advantage, they have planned multiple stages for the obstacle course. The main part is – you guessed it – running. Lasting eight kilometres, it covers streets, parks and a bit of coastline, with impressive views and muddy terrain guaranteed for those brave enough to take on the challenge.

The rough plan is as follows. Starting at the Dracaena Centre, the participants have to face “chaos”, an obstacle otherwise undisclosed other than the name. Headed to the coastline, the participants are awaited by The Moor’s “rat trap” and then the 111 torturous steps of Jacob’s Ladder. The next step is going into the sea for a dip – which you can only exit by climbing cargo nets – and following this, “steep quarter pipe and the jump” at the Event Square, whatever those are. After this comes incline walls, rope climb, weavers, monkey bars and crawls, in the presented order. Then, the runners are taken to the moat of the Pendennis Castle, where included are pull ups, burpees and push ups. The Castle’s sights are only a prequel to the sights of Gyllyngvase Beach and it’s rope traverse, 50 metre swim and 100 metre slog. Last but not least, there is the military PTI.

There are two options on how to do the obstacle course – either competing, or completing. Completing is a bit more relaxed, and focused on getting through the course without giving up. Competing, on the other hand, is pretty much the ruthless option. Despite already having challenges with terrifying names incorporated into it, competing truly takes it to the next level – with extra challenges, such as “kettle cardio”, “the incline walls” and “sandbags from hell”.

The participation fee for the obstacle course is either £50 as a part of a team, or £52 as an individual. All participants must be 18 or over, and prepared to face tough conditions both mentally and physically throughout the obstacle course. As a part of this, you get a t-shirt, goody bags, 10-minute massage, military warm up and upon completion, you will get a medal for your efforts. Even if you are not comp(l)eting, it is still a huge attraction for spectators, as Urban Survivor technically takes over the whole town for the duration of Sunday.

The registration is now open online at www.tuff-enuff.co.uk