Meet the Minds Behind ‘Humans of Falmouth’

Online News Editor, Nadja Kaukiainen, reports on the new page which has attracted nearly 2,000 likes in the four days since it was created!


With over 16 million likes on Facebook, Humans of New York started out as a casual project in 2010. It posted photos of people of the city and told their stories, and then started rapidly expanding until similar pages for other cities of the world appeared. Now, we have Humans of Falmouth.


Started by a group of five people, it is a very recent page. Created on February 7th, it gained nearly 2000 likes in just a few days, and shows no signs of stopping. The idea, as for other cities, came from the model that Humans of New York provided. Falmouth provided a good place for it, since despite its size it is quite diverse in it’s nature. They did not want to go into it aimlessly, either. One of the objects was to spread empathy and positivity around the two towns (Penryn included) by sharing people’s stories and giving them the stage and the voice. Story telling is a convenient way of spreading happiness amongst this community. “In the modern world, it is very easy to be swept away and lose touch with people.” The creators of HoF want to reverse this by showing that everyone is interesting, with a distinct story of their own.

Other than giving to the community, the project has been rewarding on the other side of the curtain, as well. It has brought a special kind of pleasure, what with having been able to meet amazing people and hear their stories, which can then be shared with the public. Giving these people the chance for this has been heart warming. It is a privilege to be let into someone’s world like that and fills you with gratitude.

The group, who wish to remain anonymous, say they are looking for all kinds of people and any kind of story to photograph and depict. It can be a memory, or a story, or even a quote – quite literally, it is a free zone for anyone.

The future of HoF is yet to be set in stone, but there is a rough plan. It will hold up as long as there is response to it. As it is based on the people of Falmouth, it depends on the public. They are the heart and soul of the project, but otherwise nearly anything is possible. For the summer, there is talk about a European Special – some of the creators are planning to travel all over Europe, and a possibility could be bringing those they meet to the people back here. Another idea in the works is letting some stories pile up and only publish them later on in the summer, so that the very original framework remains even if university is not at work.

The project has been welcomed with much excitement, and for good reason. Despite only having a limited amount of posts so far, it has some great pieces up already. There are photographs of people as well as objects they hold dear, and there is loads more to come, as HoF posts multiple pieces a day. All in all, it is worth a follow, or at the very least a look. Personally, I find it one of the most exciting things going on in Falmouth at the moment. Find the project on Facebook by searching Humans of Falmouth.

“We don’t write the stories, we just gather them!”