Donating Blood: Why aren’t you doing it?

Opinions writer, Christopher Sharp, encourages one and all to head down to Falmouth today (9th February) and give blood and join the faceless heroes.

Donating blood seems like such a simple act doesn’t it? Something that people must think is done every day by many. It is an act most associated with war; dying soldiers being given life on the battlefield by the people of the very country they are fighting for. But in fact there is a very modern problem linked to donating blood. Not enough people are donating. The blood banks of the National Health Service (NHS) are continually running low and the life giving cells that their patients require is always on the brink of turpidity.

In response, the NHS’s Give Blood arm is increasing its efforts, opening more and more one-day pop-up clinics across the country from Aberdeen to Cornwall or, more specifically, Falmouth on the 9th February 2016.  It is down here that they are appealing not only to the locals of Falmouth and surrounding towns and villages but also to us, students of the Tremough and Penryn Campuses. Our blood is young and mainly healthy, rich in all the vitamins that helps save lives. The Islamic Society managed to convince 178 of us to give blood last year and with the increase in the number of first years it is surprising how few of them are going to give. Yes, there is the classic phobia of needles that is a prevention for some and of course if you are in the unfortunate position of having existing health problems, you are also prevented from donating. There is no excuse, however, for those of us who engage in sporting or energetic activities such running, football or rowing not to give blood. If anything it is the duty of those who partake in these activities to go down to Falmouth after our lectures and donate our ever reproducing cells to the cause.

Why do I feel so strongly about this? When I was a few months old my life was in part saved by two blood transfusions from two donors who made the decision to go into a blood bank and give their blood. I hope you do as they did and join the Faceless Heroes.