Don’t DisAbility Week: breaking down stigmas

Nadja Kaukiainen, Online News Editor, gives you the line up for the FXU sponsored, ‘Don’t DisAbility Week’.


This Thursday I was walking home from my lecture through the Compass, when I was approached by one of the numerous stalls that set their foot there. Not wanting to be rude, I made my way to it, thinking I would be on my way in no more than 2-3 minutes. I ended up listening for 15 minutes straight. The stall was that of The Disability Campaign, sponsored by FXU.

The Disability Campaign is a project by students, aimed at students. Originally It wishes to decrease the stigma around being disabled and raise awareness about the very real barriers disabled people face every day, whether they suffer from dyslexia or they are tied down to a wheelchair. The campaign are about to become a society in the near future, thus increasing their visibility further. However, at this very moment the campaign is supported by other already existing societies, such as The English Society and The Politics Society.

Starting next Monday, The Disability Campaign will arrange a number of activities as a part of the Don’t DisAbility week, all of which are not only fun, but also teach and encourage the public to see life from another perspective. The events are spread out evenly throughout the week, each interesting in its own right.

Tuesday 9th

Disability Awareness Fayre. The Compass, 11am-1pm.

Speed Dating with Charities, FXU and select student societies. The Compass, 1-3pm.

Booking required! Email FXU President Community & Welfare at

Discourse Night, hosted by The Politics Society. Location yet unknown, 4-5pm.

Poetry Night, hosted by The English Society. Location yet unknown, 5.30-7pm.

Wednesday 10th

Drop in sessions with Alexa Webster (FXU President Community & Welfare). The Compass, 4-7pm.

“Can Disabled People Have Sex?” Quiz Night. They have also promised us some guest speakers and unexpected questions with a twist. The Lower Stannary, starting at 8pm, £1.

Thursday 11th – Sports Day!

Obstacle course. See how simple tasks can become an obstacle when you’re disabled, with the aid of this playful course. Outside Upper Stannary, 12-4pm.

Wheelchair Basketball. Learn what it is like to play basketball in a wheelchair with the help of a Cornish basketball team, Cornish Cougars. The MUGA, 12.30-3-30pm.

Wheelchair Zumba. Zumba in a wheelchair? Should certainly be an experience. Note! There are only so many spaces, so book yours at the campus’ fitness centre.

Guest Lecture by Fred Bridges, English cricketer. Being crowned man of the match in the final of T20 World Cup in 2015, which England also won, Fred has loads of experience and interesting stories.

Wheelchair Basketball Match. The FXU Basketball team, who have never probably tried playing in a wheel chair, will be taking on the professionals of Cornwall Cougars. The Lower Stannary, 6-7.30pm. 

Friday 12th

Ask a Disabled Person with Alexa Webster. FXU Woodlane Office, 2-5pm.

Networking Event & End of the Week Party. AMATA Café, 5.30-8.45pm.

Sense. Do you want to know what it’s like to be deaf or blind? While simulated to give you this illusion, you’ll perform simple tasks such as brushing your teeth. AMATA Studio L, sessions at 6pm and 7pm. Book your place here: