‘Two households both alike in dignity, in fair Falmouth where we lay our scene…’

Eleanor Wilkins likens the family feud of Exeter and Falmouth Universities to that in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.


You would have to have been a hermit in your halls to be have missed the (let’s not say rivalry) but the supposed ‘tension’ between the grand university institutes of the University of Exeter and Falmouth University. The tension between these ‘households’ can be seen from social media or from a night out in Falmouth. Specifically, it can be found on the insatiable university trend that is Yik Yak, with their humorous baiting of the other household. You can even see the separation of the households from the separate buildings which they occupy, despite the fact that all retain the same amount of dignity and prestige. Each building, whether it be provided for Exeter or Falmouth are designed to foster to the important needs of each institute’s students. But the real battleground of Penryn Campus can be found through the students themselves and the stereotypes that seem to be innate in each student’s mind.

There is no reason for Falmouth to feel any less traditional than the University of Exeter. Falmouth University has fostered many brilliant artistic minds whilst opening students up to new ideas and inspirations. This inspiration can come in any form, from acting, music, photography and many more. Furthermore, aren’t musicians and actors some of the highest paid people out there? Some might say that the job opportunities that stem from these challenging creative jobs are better, if rarer, than the opportunities arising from the Zoology degree from Exeter. Zoology is a hugely popular course on campus, so much so that pretty much every flat has their own Zoology student, if not more! Doesn’t the fact that the acting and music industries have such difficult career paths reflect the dedication, the aptitude and the strength of the students who are assigned to fight to achieve their goals, when many choose the easier path?

In conclusion, these households, the University of Exeter and Falmouth University make Cornwall that little bit more interesting and add a little spice into campus life. Instead of the typical peppy and conserved students of the Streatham Campus, the Penryn Campus hosts a sense of freedom and individuality within the student body. There is a reason that some travel so far south, or, in the case of some, across international waters and it is not just for a Cornish pasty! It is to get a taste of freedom and have the ability to discover themselves. If Exeter is lucky, a little bit of Falmouth’s creativity will rub off on them and our campus will not become an episode of Pleasantville. Instead, it will be the centre of enrichment where you mix and match with everyone and traditionalism and creativity go hand in hand.