Crazy Week: what is it and why you should get involved.

Nicola Elson

Today marks the start of a long-standing annual tradition run by students from Camborne School of Mines; a week in which various events are held to raise money for local and important charities.

Crazy Week in the 1980s
Crazy Week in the 1980s

Although entitled ‘CSM Crazy Week’, the week-long event is open to all students – and lecturers – on campus, and the aim is to raise as much money for charities as possible; this year, the committee have chosen to support the RNLI and Help for Heroes. The week gets its name from previous students’ mischievous antics, and although the event has calmed down in recent years, the concept remains the same; raise and give.

The event is run by a committee of seven first year CSM students, and I spoke to member Hannah Ritchie about the week’s ‘crazy’ past.

‘The Crazy Week students were seldom appreciated, they were never as funny to the local population as they were to the stunt organisers!’ Previous ‘stunts’ include; bricking up toilets in Camborne, rock-bolting a toilet to a mini roundabout, making the Camborne fountain foam blue, holding a slave market, and somehow taking a Mini to the roof of the Tech-Engineering block.

Although the event has had to alter itself due to the changing of the times and retaining good relations with the local community, the students running it have high hopes on the outcome of the week. Many events have been organised for students to get involved with throughout the week; there will be a black-tie event at Rebel Brewery, a quiz night, and a pub tour for everyone to take part in (see the schedule below for a list of dates, times, and places). Alongside that, there will be bucket collections in Falmouth, Penryn, Truro, and Camborne, various spectacles for the intermissions of the Superbowl including a leg waxing and a head shaving, and the selling of Krispy Kremes at the Annual Bottle Match on the 20th February.

When speaking with Hannah she emphasised the importance of the fact that the week is open to all students on campus, encouraging everyone to join in for a week of fun activities and fundraising. ‘Crazy week is a fun way to celebrate the beginning of a new term and raise money for a good cause. You can get involved by coming to the events, donating to the bucket collections, and buying one of our pub tour t-shirts which are on the FXU site and which we will be selling around campus during the week.’

The week is a wonderful opportunity to do something good for charity, as well as taking part in a number of fun events, so get involved and get giving!

List of events:

Monday 1st February: Formal at Rebel Brewery, 7pm.

Wednesday 3rd February: Quiz night at the Stannary, 9pm. Raffle tickets will be on sale.

Thursday 4th February: Pub Tour beginning at the Stannary, 7pm.

Sunday 7th February: Superbowl at the Stannary, 9pm. Leg waxing and head shaving during intermissions.

Saturday 20th February: 114th Annual Bottle Match at Penryn Rugby club, 3pm. Krispy Kremes on sale.

(Check out the Facebook event pages for more detail!)