A Time to Run and Vote

Nadja Kaukiainen, Online News Editor reports on the upcoming FXU elections.


New year, new modules, new campus events. Maybe most importantly, new FXU Presidents. E-mails have been sent out, posters have been hung, and the campaigning is about to begin. Whether you will stand in the Elections, vote, or even just follow from the side lines, here is your guide on what to expect when you’re electing.

The rough timeline is as follows: the nominations are already open, and they will remain open until February 19th, midday. The polls open the following day, and last for a week. While officially the campaigning does not begin until then, it does not mean you won’t be overtly familiar with a few select names very, very soon. Finally, the results will be announced in the evening of February 26th.

As you may know, our current FXU Presidents can run for re-election, but this still means that their roles are up for grabs following these elections. Those are FXU President Community and Welfare; FXU President Student Experience; FXU President Falmouth; and FXU President Exeter. Each of the roles is distinctive, with dissimilar tasks, responsibilities and objectives.

Community and Welfare: they will represent the student body and communicate and support their issues concerning welfare. Planning, delivering and informing the current students of all kinds of problems regarding the university community will be a big part of this, as well.

Current President: Alexa Webster

Student Experience: they will be supporting student body with activities, facilities for sports and recreation and some events. A huge chuck of this is extra curricular campus happenings. In general, they aim to make student’s experience at university as enjoyable as possible.

Current President: Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson

Falmouth and Exeter: Both Presidents make sure their respective university is represented well and fairly, in terms of academia and employability, and that the relevant interests are considered when making decision that may affect the university. The roles are very similar, practically only differing in names.

Current Presidents: Fred Mallin (Falmouth) and Grace Fisher (Exeter).

There is many a reason as to why you should run for one of the positions. While risking sounding like a lecturer desperately trying to get students to come to an extra curricular academic event, it improves your employability. Being a President will give you real responsibility, a chance to make a difference, and will teach you more about real work life than an internship or a summer job might. It is convenient and fun, too, as it is located on your own campus and is close to our own lives as students. Last, but not least, you are paid for it as a full time job.

So whether you are going to plaster your name and face all over the university facilities or not, brace yourself for the evident rush. The race is here.