I must confess, I have always been a little suspicious of social networking…

Joe Parkinson, Opinions Editor, discusses the intrusiveness of social media.


I must confess, I have always been a little suspicious of social networking. The “future” may be alright for some, but for a Luddite such as myself, the barrage of social media emerging over the last few years has been a little worrying. It’s not that I don’t like being able to contact friends and colleagues at any time of the day, because that is most useful indeed, no, what irks me is the tone that websites such as facebook adopt. I realise this may seem a little petty, but whenever facebook drops me a little message saying something like “Thanks for being here today!” I can’t help but interpret it as some sort of passive-aggressive comment on my irregular visits. Similarly, whenever it wishes me a “good evening” I feel as though the site is judging me for being inside checking it instead of out partying the night away.

Am I being unreasonable when I ask for a little more deference? I think we’ve all longed for our own robotic butler at some point, and just as we stand at the brink of attaining such technology, we are barraged with chummy, disrespectful greetings from facebook! Perhaps if whenever I logged on I was met with a message saying “you honour us with your presence, Sir” then I would be satisfied, but as it stands facebook’s messages feel a touch intrusive. Then again, maybe I’m just being oversensitive.