Nadja Kaukiainen gives you the line-up for FXU’s ‘Give it a Go Week’

Whether you’re a fresher, second or third year, you undoubtedly signed up to at least one society/activity you thought sounded or looked cool during Fresher’s week, only to drop it a week later. There’s not even a particular reason – you might be busy with other things, or your sign up e-mail never arrived, or you simply forgot. A month later, it’s too late to fix it. Well, here’s your chance – Give it a Go Week (January 18th – January 24th) will give you that second chance to join in, and hopefully try something new. Here are my best picks for the week ahead.


Monday, 18th:

  • Kayak Club Taster Session, 1-3pm, Falmouth Harbour, Free

Have a break or start your day with a paddle around the familiar surroundings of Falmouth. Wear something warm, give your arms a work out, and have fun!

  • African Dance Class by ACS, 6-8pm, Performance Centre, £2

Known for their music and parties, the African Caribbean Society have come up with a special dance class for the Give it a Go week. There will certainly be a good beat and a warm atmosphere, so get your comfy gear on and enjoy!


What else is on? Virtual Dance Class; Enactus; Ask a Feminist; Homegrown Society; Debate Society Games; Under Water Hockey Taster Session; Ladies Hockey; Vinyasa Flow; Ultimate Frisbee Club Training; Swim Session; Virtual Pole Fit; Hip Hop Workshop.

Tuesday 19th:

  • Slacklining in the Stannary, Slacklining Session, 5-8pm, Stannary, £2

Unless your parents chose slacklining instead of ballet or football for you as a child, it’s quite unlikely that you’ve tried this before. It is also pretty unlikely that you ever will do this, so now’s the time. Go for it.


What else is on? Free Gym Entry; EcoSoc: Mammal Trapping, Hayle Estuary Trip, Starling Murmuration trip; Emergency Response by Red Cross; Enactus; Core Blast; Lacrosse; Text a Toastie; Bring a Friend by FemSoc; 8 Bit Social by Pókemon Society; Discussion by Conservative Society; Netball Taster Session; First Aid Society; Social and Games Night by International Society; Men’s Lacrosse Taster Session; Choir Rehearsal.


Wednesday 20th:

  • Scifi Club – Best of 2015, 7-10pm, The Exchange Lecture Theatre, Free

Although it dose exactly what it says on the tin, in the middle of the week, it might just be what you need – a few moments of a relaxation and calm before Thursday’s student night, and a nice movie in good quality.

  • Tridents American Football Taster Session, 8-9.30pm, Penryn College STP, Free

Why are the Americans so keen on it? What even is it? Does anyone even know the rules, or are there any? Well, it’s your chance to find out. If nothing else, you’ll get all bruised up and will know not to do it again.


What else is on? EcoSoc: Badger Trapping, Campus Plant Training; The Falmouth Anchor Newsroom Roleplay; Wasters Hall Composting; Kayak Club Harbour Paddling; Tennis Club Afternoon; Enactus; Jazz Harbour; Amnesty International; Ladies’ Hockey, Hatha Yoga; Viva Voce; Welcome Back Meal by ACS; Games Night by High Tea Society; Cheerleading Taster Session; Harry Potter Charms; Swim Session; Tap Dancing Taster Session.

Thursday 21st:


  • Japanese Society – Sushi Making Tutorial

It is yet unclear when or where this will be hosted, but it sure sounds interesting. Whether you want to impress someone, learn a new skill or just get a grasp on aesthetically pleasing food, this event will be the one! Details to come on the Society’s FXU page.


What else is on?  Free Gym Entry; EcoSoc: Mammal Trapping, Lizard Trip; Horse Riding Beginners’ Lesson; Resistance is Fertile by Farmstall; Bee Soc Chat; Enactus; Core Blast; Netball Taster Session; Ashtanga Yoga; ACS Welcome Back Social.

Friday 22nd:

  • Conservative Future – Meet your MP, 5-7.30pm, Peter Lanyon Seminar 3, Free

Now, the Conservative Party might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in this activity – Truro and Falmouth’s own MP Sarah Newton will have a Q&A session, which anyone can join in onl. It is, in the end, relevant to all of us.


What else is on?  Virtual Pilates; Horse Riding Alternative Riding Style; Orchestra Rehearsal; Slacklining in the The Stannary; Badminton Social Session; Echelon Mission; International Soc Movie Night; Cheerleading Taster Session; Pókemon Society 4Ever Movie; Basketball Training; Swim Session; Lacrosse Training; Zumba Workout.

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th:

  • Sailing Club Taster, Saturday 10am-4pm, Cornwall Yacht Club, Free

Unless you fancy yourself a master of sorts, this will bring some challenge to your weekend, and give you a wake up like no other. Reserve a wetsuit and get onto that boat, six hours’ worth of this will leave an impression.


What else is on?  EcoSoc Mammal Trapping; Quidditch Club Training Session; Harry Potter Society’s SPEW; Eden Project Trip.


For more information on the other activities not featured here, please visit