What is life after graduation?

Louisa Pennell, Online Opinions Co-Editor, gives advice for how to prepare for life after university.

 So, as a third year, the topic of what I’m going to be doing after my degree has come up once or twice, from inquisitive family members to fellow despairing third years. After two and a half years of University, you would have thought that I’d have a better idea of it all. But that hasn’t happened exactly the way I thought it had. So, instead, I choose to focus on all the immense possibilities which are open to me after graduation. I mean, no more essays and exams will free up your time, at least for a short period of time, so here are some tips of how to see post-graduation as a field of opportunities rather than a time of fear and panic.

  • Travel – I think this is probably the biggest idea I have heard from people about their plans after graduation, and it definitely makes sense. If you haven’t had a break from education, it’s always worth exploring other places and getting a wider field of experience.
  • Further education – Some of my flatmates at present are already looking into making applications for Masters, and that’s certainly an interesting direction to look towards. Also, if you wanted to become a teacher or a lawyer, there are a range of courses and modes of further education which are important to look into.
  • Get a Job – This may be easier said than done, but getting into the working world will definitely be of utmost worth to any of us students, who may not have huge amounts of practical experience. If you’re like me, and are sceptical of getting their ideal job straightaway, or even getting a graduate job, don’t let this hold you back from the world of work. Working anywhere will be an eye-opening opportunity, so seize any opportunity you can with both hands. Also, the Career Zone is at your disposal for the next two years after Graduation, so you won’t just be thrown completely into the wild after you’ve had your Graduation Ceremony. 
  • Stay Optimistic – This is probably the most important tip I can give anyone in the same position as me. If you keep optimistic, you can do anything with whatever situation you’re in, and as long as you’re making the best out of your post-graduation life, then you’re winning at being an official graduate. Or, at least, that’s what I’m going to keep on telling myself.