FXU’s Surprise Launch – Today in the Compass

Following the announcement of FXU’s latest unknown project on their Facebook page last week, rumours were flying around The Falmouth Anchor trying to discern exactly what’s going on. And so the Anchor was thrilled to be invited to the FXU office to have a chat with Alexa Webster (FXU Community & Welfare President) about the new venture, which is being launched today in the Compass.

The ‘Be Stress Free’ app, although it is not quite the spaceship idea suggested by our Editor-in-Chief, is, in the words of Alexa, “making history” as the first free app dedicated to mental health endorsed by any Higher Education Institution.

So what exactly is ‘Be Stress Free’? It is an app designed by the Healthy Living Partnership (HeLP) with students in mind in order to help reduce our stress levels. Alexa hopes that it will enable us to be at our “best and brightest” all year round, despite those January deadlines we are all too familiar with. The app is being launched this month for that exact reason; Freshers are experiencing their first ever university style exams, second years are receiving their first ever grades (that actually count!) and third years are handing in dissertations and preparing for their final ever term at university.

The app features a cute little alien, Be, who guides users around Calm Island, which is reminiscent of the coastal bubble of Falmouth. There are four separate activities to get involved in to improve your mental health; meditation, breathing, deep muscle and self-hypnosis. There are even different time lengths for the activities so they can fit easily and smoothly into student life.

Alexa is optimistic for the impact the app will make, believing that “even if one person benefits from the app it’ll be worth it” as it will get students talking about mental health and raising awareness of the one in four people who suffer from anxiety.”

The app can be downloaded for free by any student through iTunes, Google Play or online from the FXU website.