Deck the halls with boughs of holly (and the shelves with groceries!)

Nadja Kaukiainen, Online News Editor, gives advice for those working over the festive season.


Christmas. That’s what nearly every student has been waiting for since the end of reading week. It’s when we all go home to enjoy family time, home cooked meals and see friends from before university. That is what it is like for most, at least. For some of us it also brings not so nice things – like work.

Enjoying university is obviously a huge part of life, and that doesn’t always necessarily include long hours at your local pub or grocery store. It might not always be pleasant, and it would be much easier, and certainly comfier, to stay at home with a cup of hot chocolate with your dog running around. But that Sunday shift doesn’t have to be as exhausting as you may think. It might be a pleasant reality check, and a throwback to what living at home (home home) was like. You will see all of your work friends, and the regular customers that know you by name. If nothing else, think of the money you’ll receive and how nice that’ll be for your student life, where dinner is noodles and if you’re treating yourself, beans on toast.

Make your workplace as comfy as possible, too. Wear good shoes if it includes a lot of standing or walking, and take the freedom of choosing your own clothing, if you have it. Wear a Christmas jumper, because nothing lifts your spirits and makes you feel as festive as an ugly reindeer in the centre of your chest. Make one of your friends visit you and cheer you up, if all else is impossible. Most importantly, have a positive attitude – you won’t be stuck with your horrible boss forever, and it is as good as any job, really.

If you are one of the lucky ones who go to warm countries, I don’t have much to say to you. Being at work while there’s sunshine outside is better than being at university when it’s freezing and windy like no other. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then at least you’re not missing out on a party and family drama while you’re manning the counter. In any case, you’re all doing something productive.

So try and power through it. You’ll be back at university telling your friends about that angry customer in no time!