The importance of sharing art online

Megan Fatharly, Online Arts Editor, looks at the importance of the digital forum for artists and art-lovers

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I have found that some of the best ways to share my art with new audiences has been through apps like Instagram and sites like Blogspot. It has not only made me evaluate the work, but gaining feedback from people has helped me to push and develop my work into new directions. It’s allowed me to connect with other creative people who share a similar commitment to their practice.

Although I usually create artwork for myself, I use these sites as a way of documenting how my work develops. Communication and engagement within the arts is so important – it doesn’t matter whether this is within the studio through criticism and discussions or online through blogs and journals!

I thought I would share a couple of my favourites with you to show you that having the confidence to share your work online is key in promoting it to new audiences and engaging with people through feedback and a good way to document your practice.

I spoke to Kate Powell who is currently an illustration student at the Edinburgh College of Art to find out why she started sharing art online;

“I think I started sharing work online because I saw it was what all my then-favourite artists were doing at the time and I simply wanted to be like them in every way. I remember the first work I really shared online was when I was in year 9, it was my school work and I just shared it on my personal Facebook page because at that stage I felt way too shy to make an art-page for myself.’’

I think having the confidence to share your work and not be afraid of that criticism is such an important thing to overcome.  I have followed Kate’s work for a while and it’s fascinating to watch how she has developed her style of working but also how she has built up a community she responds to who interact with her through her work.

A lot of people choose to document their online thought process online through blogs so I thought I would share a few from students of the university:

Tom Stockley, (

Ellen Evans, BA Textiles, (

Emily Tapp, BA Fine Art, (