The Anchor Online exclusive: FXU Priorities 2015/16

Emma Gibbs takes a look at FXU’s priorities for the academic year 2015/16 

FXU have been working hard to establish their annual top-ten primary goals for 2015/16. FXU works with Falmouth and Exeter University as well as FX Plus to ensure students from all backgrounds have a positive experience during their studies.

Let’s take a look at some of the goals from the FXU Priorities list and how this could benefit you:


If you are hoping to live in student accommodation in 2016, the following is an exciting piece of news. The FXU hopes to cut single occupancy room prices to less than £100 a week which means students living on campus can save around £30 against the current price of £126.28 per week. That £30 could be spent more wisely (like on food or Stannary parties). And there will be no compromise on quality standards.

Disabled Students Allowance:

Unfortunately the government has cut disabled student allowance, effective from September this year – with the Guardian warning that this could potentially ‘shut out’ prospective disabled students. However, both universities and FX Plus are working to produce plans by Easter next year to minimize the effects of these cuts on disabled students. So while the government may not care about your education needs, FXU certainly does.


FXU hopes to encourage cross-collaboration across both institutions so that students can feel more inclusive and also create more opportunities to promote the creative and academic work of both students and staff – something which can benefit everyone.

Mental Health Support:

University can be a stressful time with the pressures of living away from home and deadlines etc. And with recent statistics citing a rise in students seeking help for mental health issues at universities across the UK, FXU is certainly willing to make this one of their top priorities including staff training and supporting FXU nightline.


Every student thinks about jobs at some point during their studies – that’s a given; whether it’s part-time or seasonal work, work experience or something to fill the void after your studies have completed. FXU is hoping to provide more opportunities and support such as offering more internal opportunities for students to gain experience in their chosen field of work.

Also, they are routing for more equality for student employees citing that, regardless of age, all students should be paid the national living wage. Equality in the work place is something we can all support.

Postgraduate and International Students:

Both universities hope to allocate a dedicated space for postgraduate students on campus – so you can feel more inclusive in your university experience.

For international students wanting to explore Cornwall and the South West, or students seeking trips away from campus, FXU is also proposing to allocate around £5000 to help subsidise travel expenses. Some of this can also be used to encourage internationally focused events on campus – so students can experience international culture.

This is only a handful of what the FXU has in store for 2015/16, proving that it’s an exciting time to be a student studying in Falmouth.