It’s hockey, but not as we know it

Alex Marshall, Sophie Stocker and Jenny Harding



Imagine yourself playing a fast-paced and intense game of hockey…now imagine it five feet underwater and with a stick about a sixth of the size of a hockey stick.

This is merely a small glimpse into the unique and competitive sport of Underwater Hockey. After its founding in the 1950s the popularity of the game has taken the world by storm. With over eighteen countries attending the most recent World Championships it is little wonder that the university has set up its own student team.

The highlight of the year for this team was the Student Nationals competition held at the end of February. As a newly founded team they travelled to their first competition in February last year.  The Student Nationals was a one day event that involved intense matches between long standing rivals and our very own newcomers. University teams from across the UK were attracted to the event; from Stirling to Plymouth.  At the time of the competition, the majority of the team had only been playing Underwater Hockey for five months, so this was a chance for them to put their newly learned skills into practice.  The team went into the competition hoping to gain experience of a game situation with unfamiliar opponents.  In a surprising turn of events this brand new club beat the odds and landed themselves a spot in the second bracket of the tournament.  After fighting it out against long established teams they finished the tournament a respectable 7th out of 15.

Team member Joe Pennycook, who plays the position of a fast-paced forward, said “We worked really well together for a team that only started last year and the competition was really good fun”.  With more experience and the addition of a group of keen new members, the club has high hopes for the competition next year.

Have a go!

Underwater Hockey is a newcomer friendly sport, and is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever played before.  No matter your level of experience or fitness, everyone is welcome. The FXU club trains every Monday 6:15pm-9pm at Truro School.

More information about the club can be found on their Facebook page or by going to the FXU page and searching for Underwater Hockey.