Falmouth and water: the not so harmonious story

Louisa Pennell


photo: Louisa Pennell

If you’re anything like me, one of the main reasons for my coming down to Falmouth to study was the sea, which, having lived in London for pretty much my whole life, is a long-awaited necessity. At the beginning, I enjoyed everything the beaches had to offer, from sand-covered sausages and ill-planned beach BBQs, to swimming in the sea. But, as an active swimmer, the time came for me to find the perfect pool for all my swimming needs.

I found the FXU Swimming Club, and was a regular member almost immediately, yet it always bemused me why we had to travel all the way to Helston to find a decent pool to train in. I conducted some pool-searching (like soul searching with slightly less romance), and, of course, the Helston and Truro pools were the nearest ones, the only alternative being short and oddly shaped pools found in hotels around Falmouth.

It seems uncanny to me that a place so famed for its proximity to the sea should not have adequate pool facilities in the area. So, what can be done about this? What reasons must there be for this lack pools we possess at the moment? There could be numerous ones, but we have to focus on is how to identify them and try to prevent them affecting our services as much as we can.

The only way out I can see in the future is to look at who gets the most economic investment in the Falmouth area. Surely our Universities must rank quite high on this list?  What with expansion plans for our gym being put into practice by summer 2016, surely there can be enough investment in the future for a decent sized swimming pool? I hope we can continue being trailblazers for development in Cornwall, as we have done so well in the past, and bring the harmony back between Falmouth and essential public swimming pools.