Dancing with the stars* (*the locals)

Hannah Goodfellow


photo: Taliesin Coombes

If you fancy getting your vintage groove on, Miss Foxytrot’s Retro Dance School at St Gluvias Hall in Penryn will turn your mediocre Monday evening into a jazz-fuelled retro dance night. Dance instructor Tee J set up the dance school a year ago, and has since been taking people back in time by majoring on vintage dance genres made popular through the films, music, and culture of the Twenties through to the Fifties.

The evening class began with learning and perfecting the authentic dance moves first made popular in the 1920s. This included the simple Charleston step (complete with ankle swinging!), the Suzie Q, and of course, the jazz hands. Having learnt the basic steps, this was first assembled as part of a solo dance routine, followed by partner work and group dance routines (involving some mad sprinting down the length of the hall in order to swap partners).  Following our session of swinging jazz, the Argentine Tango became the next vintage dance style of the evening, which finished with a casual free dancing session with refreshments. As well as dance sessions being led by visiting Tango teachers, the dance school also runs extra social events; coming this autumn is “Northern Soul Night” and “No Lights, No Lycra!”.

Memberships works by paying on the evening of your first session, and if you are interested in more classes you are able to buy a dance card of 4 lessons. For more details, see Miss Foxytrot’s Retro Dance School Facebook page, or email teejdancer@aol.com.