BFI brings love to Falmouth

Sam Bishop speaks to Lesley Robinson from the British Film Institute about their scheme that is coming to Falmouth this November


Four Weddings

Sam: “We’ve been hearing about your BFI Love scheme and we’re really interested to try and get students involved, so I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about it, especially the Scary Little Girls Living Film Walk?”

Lesley: “Okay, so that is going to happen on Saturday the Fourteenth and Sunday the Fifteenth of November. Basically there will be a walk round town – it starts at the Poly and people do the walk themselves following a route giving by us when leaving the Poly. Then they’ll go round a route and along the way they will come across actors who will re-enact classic love scenes from about six different films such as Brief Encounter, When Harry Met Sally, Strictly Ballroom and Casablanca. You’ll experience these little re-enactments and then the walk will finish at the Poly to have tea and cake and then you can choose which film from a selection of the films that have been re-enacted over the course of the walk and the one that gets the most votes will get screened that evening.”

Sam: “Ah that sounds really interesting! I haven’t really heard anyone do that before so we’ll definitely try and get students on board with that. So you’ve also got screenings like Breakfast at Tiffany’s aside from that walk specifically?”

Lesley: “So every Wednesday in November and through to the first week of December we’re screening a love film. The first one is Breakfast at Tiffany’s on the fourth of November, followed by Annie Hall, and then A Matter of Life and Death, followed by Blue Velvet and I think the last one is Gregory’s Girl. So they’re just a little season of love films every Wednesday evening and on top of that we’ve also got an event on Saturday the twenty-eighth of November which is a screening of a very beautiful film called In the Mood for Love and that is going to be introduced by two film historians, one from Falmouth University and the other from Brighton University. They’ve called themselves ‘The Cinematologists’ and they will be doing an introduction to the film and a live podcast about the film at that event. They’re big fans of that particular film. There’s another additional event – we’re very pleased to welcome scriptwriter Tess Morris whose film Man Up was released earlier this year, which we’re going to be screening on Monday the thirtieth of November. The next night Tess will be here and will be giving a talk entitled ‘In Defence of the Rom-Com’ which will be followed by a screening of Moonstruck. So we’re very pleased to have this scriptwriter with us who is now, I think, pretty much based in Hollywood and is working on her next script out there.”

Sam: “It should be really cool, all these events sound really great. My friend is actually doing a review of Breakfast at Tiffany’s for The Anchor as he read the book over summer. It should be nice to get to see all these classic films as obviously students may not necessarily have known about some of these, so it is nice we get this exposure in the Poly. That’s why we’re going to try and advertise it as much as possible and get people to come along!”

Lesley: “Running alongside that we also have just started up a film club here at the Poly. It happens every other Monday, the first and third Monday of every month, and the first one in November is Monday the second; a film called Benda Bilili and that is in our bar.”

Sam: “Ah, cool! How about after that?”

Lesley: “After that we’ve got On the Waterfront and the last one this year is The Big Sleep on the seventh of December and what this club’s about is that people who come to the films and join the club will choose which films they want to show. There’s a chance to get involved and actually put on a film that you love and want other people to see.”

Sam: “It sounds like you’ve got a lot of stuff going on, especially leading up to the New Year. Do you have any big campaigns you were thinking about for the future and possibly into next year?”

Lesley: “The film club will be continuing next year as well as our Saturday morning pictures for children. The next big season, which won’t be until next year, for the BFI, will be thriller. Nothing in particular yet but our regular Monday and Tuesday nights of films, contemporary and independent films that we screen here.”

Sam: “I look forward to hearing what you have planned for the future because this is definitely interesting stuff! I’ve got a little bit of a fun question here: what is your favourite romantic film if you had to choose one? Sorry to put you on the spot!”

Lesley: “I think probably… good question… it’s always so hard to choose! As a classic one, I like, as a tear-jerker really, An Affair to Remember. I do like A Matter of Life and Death too.”

Sam: “Okay that’s good, we’ll take that and what we’re going to do is dedicate that whole segment to the classic romance and then we’re going to try and get students to come along.”

Lesley: “Thank you that’ll be smashing!”


Get Involved!

BFI Love, the nationwide programme includes a series of events at venues and cinemas in Falmouth.

Highlights of the programme include:

 A Scary Little Girls Living Film Walk which will feature memorable movie love scenes, played out as never before seen. Audiences will vote on their favourite scenes and the most popular film will be screened in full later that evening

A talk with script-writer, Tess Morris, entitled In Defence of the Romcom

which will be followed by a screening of the classic romantic comedy, Moonstruck.

A series of big screen classics at The Poly including screenings of Breakfast at Tiffanys, Annie Hall, A Matter of Life and Death and Blue Velvet.

Aimed to re-kindle our passions for film’s most enduring love stories, all these films and more will be screening at The Poly on Church Street from the 4th – 15th November.